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Tired of being indoors?
Train with us outdoors at our
private world-class facility surrounded
by 1000 acres of Oregon Mid-Willamette Valley beauty

Oregon Firearms Academy LLC (OFA) is one of the northwest's premier small arms, tactics, & self defense schools for law abiding citizens, law enforcement, armed security, private investigators, & corrections officers. OFA is located in the heart of Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley just outside of Brownsville Oregon. Our business office is located in Lebanon Oregon.

We are just a short distance north of Eugene and south of Salem Oregon just 15 minutes off of I-5 which helps us remain easily accessible from Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, and California

OFA is a member of the NRA's Business Alliance & only one of six ranges in the United States to receive
a 4 Star Rating from the National Association of Shooting Ranges.

Charging Target
OFA uses a wide array of animated/moving
target systems to simulate reality
including our electronic "running man"
system which can charge toward you in a hurry!
All "on-site" classes are held on our own private 30 meter tactical range
where we can facilitate up to three separate training drills at the same time!
Comfortable Classroom
Comfortable classroom setting
for lectures & demonstrations
OFA rebuilt and improved the parking areas
providing wider more accessible parking
Memorial Sign for Marion "Doc" Ratliff"
Pro Shop
Our Pro Shop provides essential items, and "must have's" for our alumni.
No Name CityNo Name City
"No Name City" & "The Adjudicator" (Tactical Shoot House)
The Adjudicator is a multiple room tactical simulator designed for
simulating fighting within enclosed structures such as
a home, office building, warehouse etc.
The simulator is designed so that the rooms/walls
and entry/exits can be reconfigured into
over 50 different floorplans within minutes.
Both live fire from handguns or carbines and
force-on-force firearms are used within the simulator.
OFA County Sheriff's Office   No Name City Saloon
No Name City Dentist Office   No Name City Church
No Name City
OFA's "No Name City" houses
the restroom & washroom facilities

4Star Range Sign
OFA is ranked a "4 Star" facility by the National Association
of Shooting Ranges (NASR). OFA is only one of seven such
facilities in the United States.

Dallas SWAT training with GLOCKs and Gas Masks
Full Auto Entry Weapons
Dallas SWAT Training @ OFA
Carbines while Moving and Engaging Moving Threats!

Check out our new animated target systems!
NEW - We've invested in a new series of animated/dynamic/moving target systems from
Action Target
. The entire facility has received a substantial face lift.

Advancing Threat:

Real Media for Dial-up (320x240 126kb)
Real Media for Broadband (320x240 1.6MB)

Windows Media (320x240 1.2MB)
Windows Media (720x480 4.9MB)

Lateral Movement:

Real Media for Dial-up (320x240 126kb)
Real Media for Broadband (320x240 1.6MB)

Windows Media (320x240 1.2MB)
Windows Media (720x480 4.9MB)

Adjudicator   Targets
OFA's Tactical Simulator allows both live fire & Force-on-Force Scenarios. The team above, using Airsoft firearms, is about to enter
the front door to solve a problem.
  Multiple steel reactive target systems throughout the Academy providing students with many challenges and never a shortage for excitement!
Targets   Targets
Dedicated Shotgun Area with Action Target Rifle Grade Pepper Poppers   Dedicated Private Tutorial Area for individual or small group instruction with five Wobblers, five steel Rockers, and an electronic mover provided by Action Target.
Besides Training at OFA there is . . .
Eat   Eat
Good Food, Great Fellowship Awesome Memories!
Dining at the Rusty Skillet & Dutch Oven Cooking
Eat   Eat

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